ALPs: Advanced Learning Plans

While ALPs are typically implemented and monitored by teachers during elementary school, the responsibility shifts in middle school to student ownership and accountability.  The district GT office has streamlined the annual process of goal setting and goal reporting with an online survey sent to students via email.  
Communication to students and parents will be sent out at this time.  

Timeline for ALPs

  • September
    • ALP students participate in goal setting.
    • ALP students create 1 Personal and 1 Academic (strength area) goal to be accomplished by May.
    • ALP students select an adult to work with on their goals.
    • ALP students enter their goals via survey on email. 
    • Family Communication
             *We saw great goals ranging from:
                                            I will increase my Math MAP score by 5 points by May.
                                            I will finish 5 books by May.
                                            I will make the higher level baseball team by May.  
  •  January-March Progress Monitoring or Check-ins:
    • Throughout these months, it is a good idea to check-in with your student and see how they are doing with their personal and academic goal.  Encourage your student to seek out their identified adult if they need help.
    • Complete survey via email. 
  • May Assessing the Outcome
    • Students reflect on their goal outcomes.
    • Complete survey sent via email. 

Additionally, students benefit from the ALP process by establishing independence and self-efficacy that will benefit them as they move into the next phase of their lives. Please let your student's grade level counselor know if you have any questions about your student’s Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).  Thank you for your time and support. 

District ALP Website
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