Baum, Shelly
Science (6th) [email protected] 303-982-4294
Breeser, Cid
Band [email protected] 303-982-5707
Burke, Madeline SPED [email protected] 303-982-1094 
Call, Stefani Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-6961
Cole, Lindsey
Science (6th) [email protected] 303-982-9593
Costello, Caitlin Social Worker [email protected] 303-982-5970
Crim, Elena
ESL [email protected] 303-982-8001
Dawicki, Paul Math (8th & Geometry) [email protected] 303-982-9339
DiLorenzo, Pasquale English/Language Arts (8th) [email protected] 303-982-4309
Garza, Manny   Social Studies (8th) 303-982-7005
Gibbs, Megan Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-9586
Grafe, Stewart
Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-4232
Hamblin, Kendra Math (7th) [email protected] 303-982-4342
Harrison, Katie Social Worker [email protected] 303-982-3174
Ingro, Krista Composition & Reading Intervention [email protected]
Kaplan, Dan
Engineering (7th) [email protected] 303-982-4336
Kralik, Taryn English/Language Arts (8th) [email protected] 303-982-2876
Lehman, Sydney Math (6th) [email protected] 303-982-0172
Leinweber, John Math (6th) [email protected] 303-982-4473 
Long, Kajsa English/Language Arts (6th) [email protected] 303-982-1596
Martinez, Jeanette
Studies (8th) [email protected] 303-982-7610
McCrea, Elizabeth
Family and Consumer Studies (FACS) [email protected] 303-982-9984
McGinnis, Travis
Social Studies (6th) [email protected] 303-982-2853
Miller, Miccah Science (7th) [email protected] 303-982-6960
Mizelle, Mark Audio/Visual and Robotics [email protected] 303-982-0331
Oyler, Tanner  Science (8th) [email protected]
Paricio, Nancy Social Studies (7th) [email protected] 303-982-4303
Peterson, Brian Science (7th) [email protected] 303-982-0479
Phillips, Lauren Orchestra [email protected] 303-982-4475
Ragan, Susan Math (8th & Algebra) [email protected] 303-982-4297
Ranney, Lori
English/Language Arts (7th) [email protected] 303-982-4995
Rettberg, Marsi
Art [email protected] 303-982-1577
Rohrer, Michael Social Studies (6th) [email protected] 303-982-3814
Rowlison, Elizabeth-Ann
Choir/Musical Theatre [email protected] 303-982-4307
Sautel, John
Video Game Design & Computer Apps [email protected] 303-982-2305
Schlosser, Jeremiah Engineering (8th)  [email protected] 303-982-4377
Schlosser, Julie
Digital Teacher Librarian [email protected] 303-982-0152
Sena, Nadette
Math (7th) [email protected] 303-982-5053
Smith, Kelsey English/Language Arts (7th) [email protected] 303-982-5043
Snell, Alma English/Language Arts (6th) [email protected] 303-982-4480
Spengler, Harry Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-4476
Spirek, Chris
P.E. [email protected] 303-982-4331
Swift, Jessica
Spanish & Yearbook [email protected].us 303-982-4310
Vonderlinden, Emily Science [email protected]  303-982-3864
White, Josh Social Studies (7th) [email protected] 303-982-4289
Abdelnour, Cassandra Receptionist
[email protected] 303-982-4280
Tietjen, Heidi Instructional Coach [email protected]
Allen, Andi
Assistant Principal [email protected]
Cochran, Kathy Counselor, 8th Grade [email protected]  303-982-5065
DeAndrea-Austin, Michele
Principal [email protected] 303-982-4280
Dynes, Joanne
Financial Secretary [email protected]  303-982-4285
Everett, Barb
Registrar/Attendance [email protected] 303-982-4326
Hagans, Stanci
Principal Secretary [email protected] 303-982-4256
Hahn, Josh
Social Emotional  [email protected] 303-982-4295
Jelinek, Linda
Counselor, 6th Grade [email protected] 303-982-8116
Krisl, Lance Dean [email protected]  303-982-4273
Leigh, Lindsey
Counselor, 7th Grade [email protected] 303-982-6307
Seaman, Adam
Assistant Principal [email protected] 303-982-1466
Harrison, Katie Social Worker [email protected] 303-982-3573
Scheidt, Betty
Health Clinic elizabeth[email protected] 303-982-4327
Van Cleave, Jennifer
Library Paraprofessional [email protected] 303-982-4280
Eggers, Linda
Paraprofessional [email protected] 303-982-4280
Radulovich, Brian
SRO   303-982-4250
Norick, Anita Paraprofessional [email protected] 303-982-4280
Wheeler, Kimberly Paraprofessional [email protected] 303-982-4280
Hansen, Annette
Cafeteria Manager [email protected] 303-982-4345
Crume, Taeko
Food Services [email protected] 303-982-4345
Smith, Rosa 
Food Services [email protected] 303-982-4345
Dowsett, Josh Facilities Manager [email protected] 303-882-4280
Nickell, Kevin
PM Custodian [email protected]

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